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Thiele Kaolin Company Announces Price Increase

Sandersville, GA, August 30, 2022:  Continued cost inflation of  raw materials, labor, logistics and all other manufacturing inputs has led to further pressures for our business.  Though we continually work to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies, these unprecedented cost pressures have resulted in the need for Thiele to increase pricing on all Thiele product grades effective October 1, 2022, or as contracts allow.

Thiele Kaolin Company Announces Global Price Increase for Kaolin Products

Sandersville, GA, May 6, 2022:  As you may know, the current global economic climate has resulted in increased costs to manufacturing operations around the world.  For Thiele, these cost increases have impacted energy, chemicals, labor, mining, maintenance and other inputs needed for Thiele to produce the quality products we supply you.  In fact, these cost increases have reached a point such that they can no longer be absorbed by Thiele.  As a result, we will institute a price increase of 9% for all

Thiele Kaolin Company Natural Gas Surcharge Policy

Recent supply and demand imbalances in global energy markets have resulted in significant volatility in the cost of natural gas.  Thiele uses natural gas in a number of processes in the production of our products.  As a result, natural gas is a significant contributor to our overall cost of production.   In order to account for spikes in natural gas costs, Thiele maintains a natural gas surcharge policy.  This policy allows for a temporary surcharge due to the additional costs.  Details of the policy can be found on  Please address any questions to your local T

Thiele Kaolin Company Enters into Agreement with Imerys Performance Minerals to Acquire Certain Kaolin Clay Assets in North America

Sandersville, GA, USA (July 27, 2021):  Thiele Kaolin Company and Imerys Performance Minerals jointly announce that they have entered into an agreement of sale, through which Thiele will acquire certain Imerys kaolin assets that primarily support the paper and board industry.

Thiele Kaolin Company Announces Global Price Increase for Kaolin Products

Sandersville, GA, June 1, 2021:  Thiele Kaolin Company announced today that it will increase prices on all kaolin products by 8% effective July 1, 2021 or as contracts or agreements allow. The price increase is necessary to offset increasing operational and raw material costs.  Additional increases to account for rising logistics costs may also become necessary, but will be addressed on a case by case basis.  For additional information, customers are encouraged to contact their local Thiele sales representative.

Thiele Kaolin Company Announces the Acquisition of Short Mountain Silica

Sandersville, GA, April 7, 2017: Thiele Kaolin Company of Sandersville, Georgia today announced the acquisition of the silica and trucking operations of Short Mountain Silica. Short Mountain Silica produces high purity silica for a variety of applications in both industrial and consumer markets. With manufacturing operations located in Mooresburg, Tennessee, Short Mountain has provided outstanding service and quality products to a diverse customer base for over thirty years.