Paper & Packaging

Calcined Clays

This calcined clay has excellent optical and abrasion properties compared to other calcined clays. The higher scattering coefficient allows for lower usage rates.
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Delaminated Coating Clays 

Kaolux HS
This is a specially engineered product that is an excellent choice in printing papers because of opacity and brightness as well as its ability to blend well with carbonate. It also works well with coated paperboard because of its low b-value.
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Kaowhite S
This engineered delaminated kaolin is extremely versatile for LWC grades, coated freesheet, and in paper for rotogravure or offset printing. It provides optical efficiency (synergy) in formulations with TiO2 and calcined clay.
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Kaowhite C
This product is a specialty designed coarse, delaminated kaolin that provides superior coverage and is an excellent choice for rotogravure and LWC papers.
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High Brightness Coating Clays

Kaogloss 90
A premium high brightness No. 1 coating clay, Kaogloss 90 delivers excellent machine runnability while maintaining high opacity, gloss, and printability.
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Kaobrite 90
This product is a high brightness No. 2 coating clay. Blended with calcined products, it is a high performance basecoat pigment for unbleached and recycled board applications and for LWC paper grades blended with delaminated products.
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Kaofine 90
This product is a No. 1 ultra fine high brightness clay specially processed to provide maximum gloss, high brightness and good color, along with excellent high shear rheology in paper and SBS paperboard coatings.
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Standard Brightness Coating Clays

This product is a No. 1 particle sized clay made for higher gloss applications. The low viscosity, good brightness, and fine particle size make it particularly useful for coatings requiring smoothness, printability, uniform ink receptivity, and opacity.
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This is a No. 2 intermediate particle sized coating clay designed for medium finish, high or low solids machine, or off machine coating. It is excellent for size press operations or filler applications when brightness and opacity need additional improvement. It is widely used in publication grades of paper and base coat in recycled board.
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This product is a No. 1 ultra fine particle size clay produced from East Georgia. Kaofine is recommended for paper and paperboard applications requiring maximum gloss development and excellent high shear rheology. 
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Tailored Coating Clays

Lopaque M
This engineered product provides the recycled paperboard producer a uniform coating that significantly reduces mottle and provides an economical alternative to more expensive pigments.
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Filler Clays

This product is a filler clay from East Georgia that exhibits superior color compared to other pigments that are too yellow. With its fine particle size and high surface area, EG-44 can be used in paper, adhesives, and other building-type products.
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